Hi, I’m Rohitha, a design muse, do-it-yourselfer, home decorator, design enthusiast. This blog started out as out as a creative outlet for my not-so-creative job as a Software engineer. I love to decorate and over time I decided to hone in on my passions and skills as I always wanted to do interior decor consultation for a living. I was amazed and grateful when friends and perfect strangers contacted me to decorate their homes. I don’t hold any fancy degrees and I’m mostly self-taught. I decorated my home from paint colors to finishes. When asked, I’ve given plenty of decorating advice to friends and family. I have some experience in decorating and staging. My passion is design and I believe that if there is something that you love to do, you are good at , lack of formal training shouldn’t stop you from pursing it.That’s how veRve was conceived -a  journey of creativity, passion and everyday inspiration.

I’ll be sharing some of my projects as and when they are ready. I’ve chronicled some diy ideas, decorating projects, home design boards I’ve whipped up for friends and clients. Feel free to browse through them for ideas and inspiration.

Verve Interior Décor consultancy offers

  • Design consultation for room makeovers
  • Help with redecorating/designing a space from conceptualization to installation
  • Room makeovers
  • Furniture ,Accessories selection
  • Design inspiration or direction to tackle design dilemmas
  • Home decorating ,staging,styling solutions

Not sure how or where to start? Let’s work together in creating a totally custom, unique and personality filled space just for you.
For inquiries please send an email to verve.it15@gmail.com.

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