DIY Succulent planters

I love using plants as indoor décor elements ,especially succulents in hanging planters and glass terrariums. These low maintenance plants in distinctive shapes and colors provide endless opportunities for creativity. On a recent trip to a local nursery ,I bought myself these cute little green beauties for 1$ each and potted them in some wine glasses I already had . In the spirit of diy , I also hand painted some Warli art on an old ceramic pot to give it an ethnic look.



IMG_0716 IMG_0717 IMG_0547

IMG_0548 IMG_0550 IMG_0549 IMG_0668_pm

A couple of wine glasses
Small rocks
Acrylic colors
Sand /gravel

Start with some rocks in the bottom of the jar to drain water. Next add a layer of sand, I had some white sand at home, but you get creative with some bright color sand ,then loosen the succulent from the original packaging and place it in the jar ,fill some soil around in another layer.


They make for great all occasion gifts ,you could get more creative with the glass jars ,personalize them, use some stencils/quotes, paint etc.

They’ll make for a cool display on a mantle /shelf in summer.

Can also be used to style a coffee table or breakfast nook or summer picnic table.

You can read up more about caring for succulents here .

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