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Want to explore India and it’s beauty from a design muse’s perspective , then this is the place to start-This is my space where you will find  glimpses of my culture, my roots,festivals that I love  and  terribly miss, latest trends ,nostalgia driven moments ,my most treasured Indian possessions and things I’ve curated etc.

“Decorating with global prints and patterns”

Lately I have been drawing a lot of inspiration from prints-all kinds especially the ones inspired or influenced by India . Prints  with a  global feel either in a subtle palette or vivid colors and intricate patterns are a great way of  injecting style to any space.

I’m a huge fan of block printed linen  and blockprints in  subtle designs especially paisleys totally rock my world. To me, they are beauty , style and simplicity served on a single platter. Paisleys and Kalamkari prints are two of my personal favorites and I can never stop oohing and aahing at any new design I come across.

Kalamkari (kalam=pen,kari= craftsmanship) is another traditional Indian art technique that I’m  forever in love with and I have great regard for the artisans behind thsi great art.I don’t want to just limit my love for this beautiful and exquisite print to my wardrobe alone but bring it into my home’s design aspects too(more on that soon).

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To those of you unfamiliar with Kalamkari-it’s a very ancient and visually  stimulating art technique.The very articulate and intricate patterns can depict great stories of Hindu mythology  ,the more recent urban designs range from florals to abstract drawings. They make great wall hangings ,serving as a focal point For those of you interested,you can read more about the technique here

Going by the trend  ,Indian prints are no longer limited to wall arts or tapestries ,but they are slowly  infused into a wide range of home décor .You can see them on drapes,furniture upholstery, bedding  ensemble,table cloths,tea towels, placemats, baby layettes,Drum pendant shades and even shower curtains.

A few beautiful and inspiring images I’ve corralled over the internet for your visual treat:-)



Source:Pottery Barn

Source:Cutting Edge stencils





Source:Pottery Barn



The trends continue to bring a fresh new perspective to the traditional textiles and techniques of India.
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