Verve client project- An eclectic space with ethnic charm

Verve client project- Living Room Makeover

Hello folks, I’m happy to share my latest room makeover project for a client based in Atlanta.This is an e-design project i.e. all the planning,decorating and designing  was done online since the client is not a local.



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Sharing some pictures of the transformation so far. It’s a work in progress with few finishing touches pending like draperies, minor accessories etc.IMG_1885_pm
The primary requirement was to create a space that was homely and welcoming with minimal furnishings while incorporating existing furnishings like the area rug and beautiful Tanjore Krishna painting. They also wanted the space to be imbued with a spiritual vibe while appealing to personal tastes.

Verve Design plan
After much deliberation to meet the design goals, I came up with the idea of  an eclectic space with ethnic touch that will exude a sophisticated vibe. I wanted to create a Desi abode that would embody religion ,art and culture while reflecting Indian design sensibilities.
Since the red rug would dictate the look of the room, choosing a color palette inspired from the rug helped achieve harmony in this space. Deep Reds and Navy Blue with splashes of green helped balance the color scheme in this eclectic space.
The DIY accent wall with the Krishna decal and mirror collage in black served as a neutral backdrop to the different decor elements in the space. It also makes a statement without compromising on the style while staying within the design budget.
The beautiful Tanjore painting flanked by the charming Peacock fixtures adorns the entry way while completing the color palette.

Custom Artwork and decor pieces from India like the embossed ethnic paintings, handcrafted peacock fixtures in the entryway, charming Jharokas with brass statues give the space an ethnic appeal.
For any enquiries on the Indian decor and wallart in this project,you can reach out to me
You can browse through before and after photos of phase 1 of this makeover.I apologize for the sporadic blog posts. While I miss writing for my blog as frequently, I am feeling very blessed to have the design work to take its place.I will post from time to time, any projects or DIY that I tackle but if you’d like a frequent dose of inspiration and updates, follow withheartandverve on Instagram  where I will be posting on projects ,ransom musings and design inspiration more frequently.Next step-stay tuned for more pics from the final makeover.

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