Cutlery Organization

If you have a single pull out drawer,limited storage situation like I do, you will find the adjustable drawer organizers quite handy.Mine saves me atleast a couple of minutes on busy days when I’m rummaging through stuff trying to look for what I need. I bought this expandable  bamboo organizer with dividers and I think it’s the perfect size for my kitchen drawer. I’m totally into it,absolutely love the storage solution it has to offer making my life simple and having one less thing to worry about on my kitchen checklist(Did I say I had one,now I do!).

I just added a shelf liner for easy maintenance to avoid of kitchen grime and stains on the bamboo. Now I have enough room to store my silverware,serving spoons,kitchen gadgets etc.I also have a stainless steel cutlery holder that sits on my counter top and  I use it to store other big  spoons,ladles etc.that I use for cooking.

This works for me for now without consuming too much space.What storage solutions do you have in your kitchen?I’d love to know how you guys manage a limited storage situation like mine….

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