DIY Car Wash for kids

DIY Car Wash


A lazy weekend and boredom can give you a zap of inspiration especially when you have an enthusiastic preschooler eager to help and get involved. My son is so fascinated by carwash stations and insists we take him along every time we get a car wash done, so I decided to DIY a fun car wash to spark his imagination. I started off by cutting and folding an empty cardboard box into the shape I wanted with two openings one at the front and the other at the back to mark the entrance and exit.I used everything that I already had and improvised as I started adding more and more things (on demand from a very imaginative  4yr old).


DIY Cardboard Car wash

Then I added some fun stickers and personalized prints to make it look more fun, the silver foil is actually duct tape that I used to tape off the unfinished edges. I used some sponges and foam sheets for the wipers and cleaning wands.

I  used a  small piece of cardboard with drinking straws adhered for the car track ,the track can be used to move cars through the wash station.

I also made slits on the sides to insert a stick with cleaning wands (pipe cleaners were wound on the stick to look like bristles) .I used an old dry cleaning hanger to serve the purpose.A peek inside….the stick can be rotated as the cars move along to dust/wipe them.

 The pool noodles added on top using straws to hold the cleaning wands. The green parts are all foam cut to look like cleaning bristles.

 It’s so much fun watching him  pretend play lining up his Hot Wheels for a clean wash….

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