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Last weekend was fun ….packed with lots of easter egg decorating /egg  hunt activities.I love getting my kid involved with fun stuff like this  as I get to know him better …I mean his creative side ahem ahem….When I asked him what he wanted ,pat came the reply……”CARS”..all he wanted was “cars” .He  loves his Disney car collection and when I transferred his favorite characters onto real eggs…I mean  Disney cars tattooed on real eggs,his joy knew no bounds.

Tattooed Eggs

Disney cars character tattoos


I bought a set of tattoos and this cheap dye pack at Target ,it included a bunch of stickers,egg holder/dipper/color tablets-not bad at all for the price!I  tried my hand for the very first time at dyeing the eggs.I dissolved the tablets and then dipped the eggs in the colored liquid one at a time.

coloring pack

They didn’t turn out very well.Personally I would have preferred pastel shades,but since my kiddo would like them super bright,I had to mix few tbsps of vinegar to get the really bright ultraviolet colors as recommended on the pack.Check out how they turned out here: not bad huh…The purple egg came out with a marbled effect.I left them to dry,it’s best to leave them in an upright position and then once they were dry ,I scribbled a few words of wisdom on each of them with a marker.

colored eggs

I wanted to try out more colors using the individual colors that came with the original pack,but then with an impatient toddler in tow,not much you can do  I guess…may be some other time.I also bought some plastic eggs from $ store and gave my son complete freedom to decorate them with stickers ,I must admit my little helper was really good at it.


Plastic eggs and candy

After I put small toys,candy eggs,stickers and other goodies  in each of them ,we had our fun basket ready.

Stuffing the eggs with candy


Fun basket

Do check out these other places for fun ideas for next Easter , linking up to few of my favorite ones.Enjoy!!! Follow me to keep up with fun activities and much more….

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