Jazz up an ordinary pot

I am not a plant person in the sense ,I don’t take keen interest in gardening but I can manage to grow a few potted plants without leaving them to die in my care.I love succulents as they just thrive in sunny,warm climate with very little to low maintenance.Also the striking forms , colors and easy care make them a great addition to any space if you want to bring the outdoors inside.Not only do they look adorable but they are a great alternative for a lazy gardener like me!




I recently bought a ‘jade’ succulent from home depot and initially I wanted to make a terrarium,but since I did not have the right glass jar,I opted out and instead potted my succulent in an old ceramic pot I already had from many years ago.The yellow looked really dull and I wanted  to give it a quick makeover.So,I took my sharpie markers and drew some leafy patterns all around the pot to break the humdrum and under 10minutes it went from drab to fab ! For now my potted succulent sits on top of my workstation and I’m  loving  the ambience it creates.

My love for succulents is still evolving and I want to  make a terrarium with mini succulents next-so stay tuned!

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