Upcycle a used Bottle

As I bid farewell to summer,I came across these coconut water bottles we bought a couple of weeks back to beat the heat.

I wanted to recycle them but held on to them since I had some plans for them. Mild hoarding is not harmful right?I pulled out some yarn that’s been sitting in my craft drawer  and some glue and sat down to give them a facelift.


After 30 minutes ,I ended up with these.I was glad I had a multi color yarn on hand ,love how the colors wrap around the bottle hugging it’s shape and add texture.

I had some Gerbera stems that needed a vase.So I popped them into my new  vases.


Total project cost=0$-“Sweet”. It would be fun to experiment with different bottles shapes and sizes and group them together.I love them en masse,you can also play around with the yarns.If you are  lucky ,you can find some bright colored yarn at $ stores.



Oh….look how cheerful they look in their new outfit!


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