Pretty Painted Birdhouses

I love a frugal find ,especially when it come in a small sweet package like these bird houses.I found them for a dollar  each  at Michaels  and thought they’d make really cool,whimsical accessories  if painted in bright,fun colors.Since I already had acrylic colors,I didn’t want to spend money on outdoor craft paint.Instead I primed them for even coverage and then sealed the painted houses with a clear coat of Rustoleum since they’d be outdoors and I wanted my colors to last in the long run.

I just played around with the colors-added some fun patterns to the existing shapes and I was amazed at the endless possiblilities.You can see  them up close in the below picture.It’s amazing how a little color can make a huge difference.My favorite is the blue one with polka dot roof.Which ones’ yours?I hung them using the small screw eyes and I love the new addition to my backyard.


I’m actually thinking of adding a few more and group them -should be fun,will keep you posted!

Total project cost:

bird houses-5$

Rustoleum clear coat and primer- already had.You can skip this,if you are planning to use outddor craft paint which is more durable and you woudn’t need a clear coat to protect it

hanging hardware-3$ (Screw eye)s

twine-already had

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