Chair Makeover

This dishevelled chair is a hand-me-down from a friend of mine who wanted to get rid of it.The moment I lay my eyes on it,I fell in love with the silhouette,the chair/stool/bench look ,kind of a subtle take on the classic settee style .I felt it could be revamped to something more clean and contemporary.Trusting my instincts ,I brought the beauty home.It has concealed storage too.Inspired from my Pinterest boards and my fav blogs,I started working on it and this is the before shot-The fabric and the batting is all torn and worn out.The step by step breakdown

All I needed for this project :-

  1. Chair -free
  2. Fabric-Joann’s -1/2 yard-from Joann on clearance for 3$
  3. Batting-extra loft batting also from Joann -7$ with coupon
  4. Foam- already had it from an earlier project
  5. Scissors
  6. Tape measure
  7. Staple gun
  8. Elmers tacky glue
  9. Zinsser Cover stain Primer spray
  10. Rustoleum satin finish and clear top coat


  1. First I had to strip down the chair to bare minimum ,remove the worn out batting,cushion,nails and wipe it down to remove all the built up grime and dirt,remove the seat and the hinges.
  2. I had to then sand it down (I used a grit 80 followed by 100) to a smooth finish so that the paint adhered better to the surface.I used the spray primer and sprayed thin even coats all over the chair-I had to do two coats allowing 3-4 hours drying time between coats
  3. Once I primed the chair evenly,I went ahead and sprayed the Rustoleum paint I had to do 2 coats to get a rich dark color followed by Rustoleum clear top coat to seal the paint and give it glossy smooth finish.
  4. While the paint dried between coats ,I upholstered the seat.I glued the foam on the seat and then covered it with batting and stapled it down ,then covered it with my fabric and stapled the fabric holding it taut to cover the seat cushion.
    I’m happy with the end result.Love the fabric and the colors,I use it as an entryway chair in my living room and it works great for putting away little knickknacks and for guests to sit down and take off their shoes.

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