Easy Cushion from a Placemat

Today I’m going to share a super easy project I’ve finished on a weekday…yes you heard it right! A ‘weekday’ folks!…It’s that simple! Accent cushions and throw pillows have always been a favorite accessory of mine .They complement a room so well in the look and comfort departments.

I’ve had a set of four placemats from Waverly for a while now. I barely use them anymore as there were some shrinkage issues after a wash. But, I’ve always loved the fabric and the pattern and decided to up cycle them into throw pillows that I could toss around the home. I’ll try my best to spare you every little detail.

Luckily my placemats were double sided, so I just made a small opening on one edge big enough to allow my fingers to wiggle in.

Placemat from Waverly

small opening


I stuffed it with fiberfill (I recycled the fill from an old, battered pillow) and fluffed it up so that it was all even .



Then I quickly stitched up the opening with my trusted Brother sewing machine and photographed it all beautiful and fluffy to share it with you guys.Please ignore the wrinkles and creases,I was too lazy to press my placemats before turning them into cushions.If you don’t have a sewing machine,don’t fret ,you can either hand sew the opening or use fabric adhesive.Just be sure ,you make a small opening.


Placemat to Pillow


Set of two pillows

Accent pillow-toss it on a chair

It took me about 10minutes for each pillow and I made two of them. So what do you think? Want to try it out? Let me know how it turned out!

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