If pictures could speak-continued

In my last post for 2012,I told you guys that I will be back with the rest of the list ,but you’ve probably gathered by now, I do take my time doing things which is something I’m trying to work on as part of my new year resolution.So without much further ado,I present to you the most charming of earthy goods- ‘ Terracota ‘ .

Terracota has always been on my list of favorite decor elements, especially for the ambience it creates.

Terracota statues


painted terracota dolls


terracota miniature dolls

Painted Ganesha

How charming and playful are those colorful straw wind chimes…

Colorful chimes

Rows and rows of shiny,bright and pretty handcrafted jewellery and beads.

jewellery and beads


Bead bracelets

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