If pictures could speak?

Hello everyone,I’m so sorry I have been missing for so long…..family,friends and a short but eventful trip to homeland  had taken over me,but now I’m back and I have been missing my blog too…Personally ,this year has been very good on the blogging front.I am so humbled by all the likes coming my way , to all the people who have been following my blog,you definitely brighten my gray skies! My last blog post for this year had to be a visual memoir of the myriad of colorful,unique and interesting things that caught my eye on my shopping trips or otherwise during my stay in India…..So relax,sit back ,brace yourself and enjoy the ride……


Brass ware  as home decor has always been in vogue. As all things old are making a huge comeback in the design arena….I feel brass as home decor is here to stay.Brass decor in any home adds thsi old world charm and it always makes you feel like it’s been there for quite a while and seems like it has been passed down from generations…

Beautiful adorned Buddha

I must confess I have quite a design crush on Buddha and Lord  Ganesha and when I see them in brass ,I just cannot part with them.


Lord Ganesha in shiny brass


Krishna in all his grace

Shiny Brass statues like the ones above make beautiful  and graceful centerpieces and entry way displays .Festive  hanging temple bells with Hindu Gods as centerpieces are so delightful .This one’s my favorite.It has Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha engraved in brass.

beautiful hanging temple bells

Rising sun and temple bell

There were so many amazing  pieces that it was hard to pick and choose.If only I lived in India  or if only weight was not a concern for us NRIs.I would have bought these and adorned my house to my heart’s content in the shining metal.How I wish I had a chartered private flight ,where I could carry them all to their new home.Sigh…I left my heart at this particular stall in Shilparamam.Next in line is my favorite folk art in India-the art of Madhubani …words or pictures don’t do any justice to the vibrant colors,intricate designs and the hidden tales behind a Madhubani painting.

I personally feel they are one of the most underrated art forms in India.Each painting is so carefully crafted ,each depicting it’s own tale of folklore ,Hindu mythology and most importantly the skill of the artist.Yet, again I couldn’t decide on a  favorite among the rows and rows of unique creations.


Madhubani art

Madhubani art-Sita-Ram


Artist at work

Madhubani artist at work.I wish I had all the time in the world to sit and learn the art form from him.It was so interesting to watch him work,mixing the colors,marking the design with a steady hand.I truly felt it would only be disrespectful for the art to haggle on the price of such a unique craft.Watching me go all paparazzi over his work,he asked me with a quizzical look on his face “Madam aap TV-9 se ho kya?” It was hilarious ,I just dismissed  his questions with a chuckle.

Madhubani wall hangings

I could go on and on about Indian handicrafts,but since I have a long list to cover and this post was orginally intended to be the last post for 2012(hoping it’s still 2012 in some part of the world),let me continue this visual journey in my next post…..Until then savor the beauty of Indian decor and get inspired for the coming year.Look out for my next post by subscribing to my blog or following WHV on Facebook……

Wishing all of you a very happy,peaceful and fantabulous new year!!!.May the coming year take you one step closer to your goals and enliven your spirits.May there be peace and happiness in everyone’s share…..On this note,I sign off for 2012 and will be back with a cracker of interesting posts and blog changes in 2013.


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