Chocolate Cake Pops

Last month my little guy turned 3 and I shared his Dinosaur party favors.Last few weeks have been quite eventful for him and for us .He moved up a class at his day care and was technically into preschool.He has made really good progress with potty training too .Just thinking about his preschool debut…all the school-tastic skills he would acquire makes me all emotional and jittery.I decided to make his favorite chocolate cake pops to celebrate all his victories ,we thought it would be a great treat to his teachers and friends .It would in a way ease the transition and help him make new friends.It would also be a nice parting gift for his teachers and friends from previous class.

The cake pops came out great and turned out to be a huge hit with both teachers and kids.I googled for some cake pop recipes,picked up a few ideas from random sites and came up with the below recipe.My son is a huge fan of cake pops!

colorful and bright cakepops

Ingredients you need:


1.Chocolate cake mix.I used Betty Crocker- it’s super moist and easy to bake,just follow the instructions on the package.It would yield 50 cake pops.
2.chocolate frosting-also Betty Crocker’s – you will only need half a box ,but you can refrigerate the rest and use later
3.White chocolate chips to coat the cake can get a little creative here and experiment with different flavor coatings like lemon,strawberry etc.
4.I used multicolor sprinkles to decorate the cake pops.I bought two boxes,the pretty pink for girls and color sprinkled ones for boys
5.I used skewers for the cake pop sticks since I already had them.Just make sure to cut down the sharp ends/splinters etc..

Cake pops -preparation


1.Bake the cake as per the instructions
2.Take the cake crumbles,mix frosting and knead the mixture into small balls .Refrigerate the balls for about an hour
3.Melt the chocolate chips in microwave and dip the ends of sticks and set them out to dry.I used a piece of styrofoam to arrange the cake pops
4.Insert the sticks into the balls and dip them one by one in the chocolate syrup until they are evenly coated on all sides and before the chocolate dries up, coat them with sprinkles
5.Arrange them on the styrofoam and allow them to dry before refrigerating
they make awesome treats and kids will absolutely love them-a sure hit with all kids….

Cake pops

colorful and bright cakepops

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