Dinosaur Birthday Party Favors


I’m back after  three months, yes that’s right it’s been  THREE whole months since my last blog post . I have a fun ,simple and easy DIY project to share with you guys today. My kiddo turned 3 last week …YES!  sniffle…. he’s already 3….Unlike his 1st and 2nd  birthdays when he was too young to decide on a theme for his Birthday, he was very specific this time around and asked for a Dinosaur Party . Yes…he wanted a DINOSAUR and it suddenly hit me that he’s growing  up fast from being by little baby who was 100% dependent on me to a lively little kid who knows what he wants already……. It’s amazing  and insane watching them  grow up so fast. Well coming to the party…..we all had a great time and the kids had a  RAWRrrrrrrrrrring good time too and I mean it literally LOL…

I scored some cute,inexpensive Dinosaur themed stuff  at Target ,Partycity and dollar store  for the B’day favors and decided to put my own  DIY spin on them. I wanted to make some cute crafty Dinosaurs  for all the kids as keepsakes.

All you need :

Some bright colorful craft paper ( 50cents each at $ store)

Scissors, glue, tape, black marker

Favors (bought some inexpensive stuff and made a mixed basket of sorts )

Favor bags (I had some at home)

A nice Dinosaur image (via Google)

Dino party favor bags

I  found a simple Dinosaur picture online and printed it out to trace it on my craft paper, If you  don’t have a steady hand,just draw the first one and use that as a template to tarce the rest…It’s as simple as that. I chose  green, blue and fluorescent colors as they go with the outdoor party summer on the lawn  theme…we were going with. I took pics of each step to guide you through.


Dinosaur shapes cut from craft paper


Attach the individual pieces together with glue stick


Tiny Dinos


I used a black marker to draw a set of eyes and mouth on each of them.

Draw eyes and mouths


Then I taped my Dinosaurs to the Favor bags ,that way  it’s easy for  kids to remove them when they want to, without the hassle of tearing them, which will  most likely happen  if you glue/staple them.

Favor Bags

Coming to the favors, I tend to mix and match a lot . Little Girls  got a DIY flower potting kit, play dough, some candy, gum balls  and bright stickers .

Party Favors for girls

Little boys got  a Dinosaur puzzle instead of a flowering kit and the rest of the stuff was common.

Party Favors for Boys


We had few infants on our guest list and I gave them these fun , bright and animated Flip books  from Target( they were 1$ each).

Flip Book


Party Favors for little ones

I bought a dozen Dinosaur figurines and tattoos  from Party city for about 3$ and used them as fillers for the favor bags. Everbody got a dinosaur figurine and some Dino tattoos.

Dinosaur Figurines


Dinosaur Tattoos

I made some of the Dinosaurs facing left and some to the right on purpose ,so that I can easily differentiate the bags when I’m handing them out…The ones facing left were for boys and those facing right were for girls. For under 20$,I had managed fun favor bags with a customized Keep sake gift and a bag full of curiosities for the little guys.

Dino party favor bags


Dino B’day Party

We also had some fun, Dinosaur Birthday balloons to keep up the mood and they were a huge hit with the kids.

Dino Balloons


I will be back soon with another blog post related to some major blog announcements!!!

Have a great rest of the week….


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