Diwali Centerpieces

Wishing everyone a bright and joyous Diwali.How I miss the celebrations back home,the crackers,fireworks,the Rangoli,new clothes and not to mention all the sweets and other decadent delight….SIGH!I guess being thousands of miles away from home ,just decorating and sprucing up my home for Diwali and observing the puja is as close as it can get for me to celebrating it with my family……In the spirit of Diwali-the  most beautiful and cherished festival,I created some Center pieces just to revel in the beauty of Diwali and keep up with the sparkle Diwali adds to our homes.

Want to give your Indian wear a new look?Just bring out your colorful Dupattas and break the norm by using them in an unexpected way.I’ve created these centerpieces using my favorite Dupattas in fun/festive colors as table runners.

I just used a few things lying around the house and also some of my favorite possessions from my bangle collection and some cocktail glasses  as candle votive and added a bunch of LED lights……loving the unconventional look and feel of the mixed bunch!


Bright multicolor Dupatta as a backdrop for bangle votives

Stack up bright bangles as Votive

Stack up bright bangles as Votive

Cocktail glasses as candle holders.

Bright Pink Dupatta as Table Runner

So how are the Diwali celebrations at your place? Want to check out more ideas to deck up your home for Diwali ? Come back tomorrow for some more sparkle and shine!

Do you have any Diwali decoration ideas that you might want to share with the rest of us?It would be a pleasure to showcase you talent on my blog.You can email me your pics and I will get back to you. Wishing all my readers and everybody out there a very happy Diwali.Be safe!
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