Play Zone in the living area

We live in a small 1400 sq ft independent home with just one living room and no family room.As much as I’d love the idea of having a family room just to hide  all the clutter and chaos that ensues when you have a spirited toddler running around and have the living room serve as an adult space,I ‘d also want to make the existing situation work for all three of us .In the course of my journey of decorating my home,I figured it might not be perfect at this moment ,it might not be like one of those rooms coming straight out from a West Elm or Pottery Barn magazine,but as long as it fulfills the demands of my family and is warm, inviting, and gives me a sense of serenity and peace ,I’d just have to look beyond the design aesthetics.

I believe that it has the potential to look better some day when my little one grows up and doesn’t  go around around claiming his territory.I could make the room adapt to our changing needs.For now I needed a small area for my son ,his own playing/reading/lounging space while the grownups hang out in the living room having a conversation or watching TV like we do on most nights without confining him to his room.

This is the arrangement we’ve come to terms with and I’m glad  it makes my son happy ,while keeping me sane.The play tent is from IKEA.All the big toys go into the big storage  basket and the little ones like cars,happy meal toys etc. go into the smaller one.


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